Farm Boy Farms is located in Pittsboro, North Carolina. Farm Boy Farms was created to provide locally grown American Malting Barley Association recommened barley, wheat, and hops to microbrewers and expert homebrewers of North Carolina. As we have expanded, we now grow AMBA 2-row, wheat, rye, milo, and six varieities of hops on our farm. We control the entire process of our grains from planting, havesting, debearding, seed cleaning, malting, kilning and packaging. We also control the entire process of our hops from planting, harvsting, drying and packaging. Quality, local ingredients allow microbrewers and expert homebrewers to create the freshest beer possible. Grown in NC to be brewed in NC. 

                                                                   Fresh hops on the bine.


  Malted barley and malted wheat ready for brewing. 


                                                          Dawn patrol. To the top of the silo to check the grain. 



                                                                Farm Boy 2-row breaking ground.



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