About Farm Boy Farms

Farm Boy Farms was created in 2009 to provide quality, local beer brewing ingredients to microbreweries and expert homebrewers. Farm Boy Farms is located in Pittsboro, North Carolina. Farm Boy Farms believes in providing local ingredients to ensure a fresh and qualty brew. Farm Boy Farms, where ingredeints are grown locally and processed locally to allow for the freshest ingredeints possible. Farm Boy Farms, grown in NC to be brewed in NC.  

Throughout the year we have many events at Farm Boy Farms. Here is a list of our annual events, but please sign up for our monthly listserv email with updates on all of our events by emailing Dan (dan@farmboybrewery.com).


All About Beer Magazine World Beer Fest - Columbia, South Carolina


Rhizome Harvest Party at the farm in Pittsboro, North Carolina


NC Beer Month, Homebrew at Farm Boy, Piedmont Farm Tours by Carolina Farm Stewardship and Weaver Street Market, All About Beer Magazine World Beer Fest - Raleigh, North Carolina


NC Hops and Roots Fest - Shakori Hills, North Carolina, OBX Brew Fest - Nags Head, North Carolina, 


Grain Harvest Party - at the farm in Pittsboro, North Carolina, All About Beer Magazine North Carolina Brewers Celebration - Charlotte, North Carolina, 


Hops Harvest Party, Grapes versus Hops Beer Dinner 2014 - Galloway Ridge at Fearrington Village Pittsboro, North Carolina


Raleigh Beer Week, Wake County Brewers Expo, Chatham County Agriculture Awareness Day - Pittsboro, North Carolina


Hops Harvest Party, 919Beer event at the farm 2014, Farm Aid 2014 - Raleigh, North Carolina


All About Beer Magazine World Beer Fest Durham, North Carolina


Sounthern Season, Beer Extravaganza Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Growing in the ground:

Barley                             Wheat                                       Rye                           Milo                       Hops

2-row                              10.9% protein                          11.09% protein          16% protein           Cascade       4.5% - 7% AA

Conlon: 9.80% protein                                                                                                                     Centennial   9.5% - 11.5% AA

Charles: 9.13% protein                                                                                                                    Chinook      12% - 14% AA

Endeavor: 9.81% protein                                                                                                                 Magnum      10% - 13% AA

                                                                                                                                                        Nugget         12% - 14% AA

                                                                                                                                                        Willamette   4% - 6% AA

       2-row approaching "well-modified."

              Hop cones almost ready.

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