Planting: End of October.

Harvesting: End of May, beginning of June, and the end of October depending on the grain. After harvesting, the 2-row barley is sent through the debearder and seed cleaner. Then the barley is stored in our silos until malting. The wheat, rye, and milo is sent through the seed cleaner and then it is stored in our silos until malting. 

                                                                                                                                                  2-row swaying in the breeze.

Grown locally in North Carolina: Chatham County, Wayne County, and Duplin County. 

American Malting Barley Association recommended 2-row varieties: Charles, Endeavor, and Conlon

Wheat: Expedition

Rye: Rymin

Sorghum: Milo (gluten free)

                                                                                       Harvest time!


          Truckloads of grain to be malted.

                                       Barley seed has been through the debearder and the seed cleaner. Ready to be malted.

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